Doctoral Advisees

Khashayar Behdinan, May 2009
Research topic: Vibration Operated Valves for Viscous Abrasive Fluids
Senior automation specialist at Chevron

Jing Zhang, May 2009
Research topic: Contour Crafting Process Planning and Optimization
CEO, UM-Road Construction Materials

Zhenghao Yeh, December 2005
Research topic: Trowel Path Generation for Contour Crafting
Senior analyst, Adobe Systems, Inc.

Dooil Hwang, December 2004
Research topic: Experimental Study of Full-Scale Wall Construction using Contour Crafting
Senior engineer, Hyundai

Mehdi Mojdeh, May 2007
Research Topic: Metallic part fabrication using Selective Inhibition Sintering
Senior scientist, 3D Systems, Inc.

Bahram Asiabanpour, August 2003
Research Topic: An experimental study of factors affecting the Selective Inhibition Sintering process
Associate Professor at Texas State University

Hongkyu Kwon, May 2002
Research topic: Experimentation and analysis of Contour Crafting (CC) process using ceramic materials”,
Senior Engineer at LG, Korea.

Richard Russell, May 1999
Research topic: Study of Contour Crafting for thermoplastic materials
Vice President at Crossman Manufacturing

Wei Tan, May 1998
Research topic: Integration of Process Planning and Scheduling – A Mathematical Programming Approach
CEO of Paraster, Inc.

Sima Parisay, May 1996
Research topic: Applications of Machine Learning in Simulation
Professor, California State University, Pomona.

Ray Madachy, 1995
Research topic: Software Development Cost and Schedule Analysis using System Dynamics
Professor, Naval Post Graduate School

Alireza Azmandian, 1995
Research topic: Assembly Planning for Electronics Manufacturing
Associate Professor at University of Tehran.

Dusan Sormaz, 1994
Research topic: Knowledge Based Process Planning using Feature Recognition and Cost Based Process Selection
Associate Professor at Ohio University.

Ali Azadeh, 1993 (Co-Chaired with Dr. N. Meshkati)
Research topic: Modeling and Simulation of Integrated Information Processing and Operations Decision to Enhance the Reliability of Nuclear Power Plants
Currently Associate Professor at University of Tehran

Ahmet Celal Kaplan, August 1992 (Co-chaired with Dr. A.Kiran)
Research topic: A Cost Based Probablistic Due Date Assignment for Scheme for Job Shops
Currently Senior Analyst at Kiran & Associates

Qing-Mei Chen, May 1991
Research topic: Integration of Process Planning and Scheduling Functions
Senior engineer at Belcore

Joo Park, May 1990
Research topic: Real-Time Cost Based Automated Process Planning
Senior Research Engineer at Southwest Research Institute, Texas.

Wanda Austin, May 1988
Research topic: Natural Language Representation of Continuous Systems in Simulation Modeling (thesis won the Society for Computer Simulation Best Dissertation award)
President and CEO, The Aerospace Corporation, Los Angeles

An-Pin Chen, December 1988
Research topic: Automation of Simulation Model Building Process Using AI Techniques
Professor at National Chiao Tung University, Taiwan.

Hamid Berenji, May 1986
Research topic:An Expert Generative Manufacturing Process Planner
Research Scientist at NASA Ames ResearchCenter.

Ali Behnezhad, May 1985
Research topic: Integrating Aggregate Planning and Machine Requirements Planning Problems
Professor at California State University at Northridge.